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Enjoy some of the finest California-grown flower delivered to your door from Canex. There is not much better than the convenience of ordering weed delivery right from the comfort of your home in Venice, or from your super chic office located on Abbot Kinney.

Canex is known as the number 1 rated Weed delivery in Venice Beach.

Canex has an easy to use menu, with a perfectly curated selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, pre rolls, and vape pens. Canex has some of the best prices in California for cannabis, and its delivered directly to you in about an hour. Choose from the ASAP menu, or you can order from the scheduled menu which has a larger selection of weed products and choose a delivery window that works with your busy schedule. Canex will deliver to your home, office, hotel, or even one of the many hostels anywhere in the city you are located.

While in Venice Beach we suggest a stroll through the very walkable streets while enjoying cannabis.

Venice Beach has some great spots to visit along Lincoln Road, Washington Boulevard, Pacific Avenue or Speedway. Do not forget to grab lunch and do some people watching at the famous Erewhon market located on Venice Boulevard. We love the sandy streets of Venice Beach, the laid back vibe, and of course enjoying the many shops and restaurants located on Abbot Kinney. Venice Beach is known for its rich history in the surfing and skating scene as well as being the heart of “Silicon Beach”. Venice Beach is an iconic destination in Los Angeles beloved for its quirky, bohemian-meets-tech-startup vibe. Venice Beach is home to the tech company Snapchat.

Famously nicknamed Dogtown for its prominent surfing culture, many Venice Beach locals share a mutual love for the California sun and the best of California kush. After a cannabis delivery in Venice we suggest a stroll along the boardwalk so you can enjoy the wacky performers that are lined up along the sidewalk that lines the beach. You can watch all the surfers that are shredding waves near the pier. Walk around and grab a souvenir Tshirt from one of the many shops located along the one mile long  Venice Beach boardwalk. They have some new pickle ball courts near the world famous muscle beach. You will find some of the most outrageous and colorful characters lined up along the Venice boardwalk who are performing, dancing, juggling, or singing. There is also a super cool skate park that is all cement with some of the worlds best skateboarders just going nuts in this place. People watch them for hours as these skate boarders drop into the bowls and navigate the curves of this cement skating masterpiece. Venice Beach has a few marijuana dispensaries available to its residents which include Medmen. Unfortuantely, there is not much parking in Venice Beach and that is why delivery makes a lot more sense.

Shop Quality Cannabis Like A Local

Don’t let the Venice Beach weed scene take all your cash. While a bougie dispensary may be cute, its prices are not. That’s where CanEx comes in.

We offer reliable delivery on top-quality products from the best brands in the cannabis industry, and all at a more affordable cost compared to what the other guys are charging. Enjoy our boundless inventory of on-demand Venice Beach cannabis, ranging from flower to edibles to concentrate and more. All of our products are listed at final price, so there’s no sneaky tax to worry about. Our goal is to give you the ultimate user-friendly Venice Beach weed smoking experience, so you never have to make another time-wasting dispensary trip. Order now and receive your products in a speedy manner.

Smoke Up By The Sand

You can’t take in the salty sea air from the dispensary line, and trust us, there’s nothing like ending the day with the Venice sunset with a freshly packed bowl in hand. Our goal is to provide a useful, inclusive experience for cannabis enthusiasts of all tolerances. You can use our trusted tracking system to follow your Venice Beach weed order as it makes its way to you. We keep you in the loop. Join our loyalty system, and take advantage of competitive cashback rewards/canex-loyalty-program/on our Venice Beach weed delivery service.

Want to consume more of what CanEx has to offer? Sign up for our newsletter to keep up with new products and expanded delivery locations within the greater Los Angeles area. You can also check out our blog for insight, information, and impressions from the revolving world of cannabis. Have specific questions about our product quality, delivery service, or hemp products? Check out our FAQ page, or reach out directly for an answer from one of our trusted budtenders. Don’t forget to get your suntan on while we bring the best Venice Beach weed right to you.

Zero Delivery Fees & 30% off your first order.


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