CanEx Loyalty Program

What Is a Dispensary Loyalty Program?

Our CanEx dispensary loyalty program is an exclusive club for eligible customers that allows for fantastic savings on all products. The CanEx loyalty program features four member tiers, with the top Platinum tier providing members with a $10 discount on every $100 spent. 

Thanks to these amazing deals, CanEx has one of the best cannabis dispensary loyalty programs in the state that everyone should take advantage of.

We are proud to announce that we have launched our Cannabis Loyalty Program to reward our loyal marijuana consumers!

Our amazing bud-buddies across the six counties we serve in Southern California already enjoy speedy, discreet delivery and the option of participating in our referral program to bring us new clients, but we thought you deserved something more. Whether you prefer our amazingly diverse selection of flower, our convenient, ready-to-light pre-rolls, one of our many delicious edibles, or any of the other products we offer, we want to say thank you. 

Our tiered marijuana loyalty program offers different percentages off of your purchase depending on the amount you spend with us. You, as our wonderful cannabis consumer, receive $5 off every time you spend $100. You can earn $5.50 off for every $100 spent as a bronze member by spending only $500.

Now, if you have been enjoying our products for quite a while and have racked up over $10,000 in purchases, you will enjoy rewards of $10 off for every $100 spent via the Cannabis Loyalty Program.

The best way to work your way up through the ranks from bronze to silver, followed by gold and platinum, is to just enjoy the cannabis products you love and sign up, so we can help you enjoy them a little better.

We are California’s #1-rated weed delivery service for a reason, and we want to give back to show our appreciation to our longtime customers. Next time you buy one of our easy-to-use vaporizer cartridges or a nice pipe to consume your flower easily and efficiently, you might as well save some money with each purchase and buy yourself something nice with those savings. You deserve it! Sign up for our Cannabis Loyalty Program today and enjoy just another benefit while you get your indulgence on.

Why Join the CanEx Loyalty Program?

The CanEx loyalty program is a great way for loyal and repeat customers to benefit from massive storewide savings on all flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, vapes, accessories, and more. Members can quickly accumulate loyalty points, which can be used to save on every purchase of our fine cannabis products.

CanEx Loyalty Program

CanEx employs a robust tiered loyalty program to keep valuable customers coming back. Earn points for each dollar you spend, which can be used for discounts on future purchases. Each tier gives you more points per dollar.



$500 Spend

$5.50 off every $100



$2,500 Spend

$6.50 off every $100



$5,000 Spend

$7.50 off every $100



$10,000 Spend

$10 off every $100

CanEx Loyalty Rewards Program


Cannabis Loyalty Program: Your FAQ’s Answered

How Does the CanEx Tiered Loyalty System Work?

There are four tiers that members can be a part of, including bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, with each one providing additional savings compared to the last.

For those who do not yet qualify for the Bronze tier, customers can still receive $5 off of every $100 spent.

Here’s how you can become a member of every individual tier:

  • Spend $500 to become a member of the Bronze tier. Save $5.50 for every $100 spent.
  • Spend $2,500 to become a member of the Silver tier. Save $6.50 for every $100 spent.
  • Spend $5,000 to become a member of the Gold tier. Save $7.50 for every $100 spent.
  • Spend $10,000 to become a member of the Platinum tier. Save $10.00 for every $100 spent.

Depending on the tier, members earn a certain amount of loyalty points for each dollar spent. The higher your loyalty program tier, the more points you earn for money spent.

Loyalty points can be applied at checkout to get a discount on your next purchase. 100 points give members a $5 discount, with the maximum redemption amount per purchase being $40 or 800 points. 

When using loyalty points, purchase subtotals after discounts have been applied must be a minimum of $40. For example, if members wish to use 200 points for a $10 discount, the original cost must be $50 before the discount. ($50 original price – 10$ discount = $40 subtotal). 

Is There Any Additional Cost to Join the Cannabis Dispensary Loyalty Program?

No, CanEx does not charge any additional fees to join our loyalty rewards program. However, you must spend a minimum amount of money to qualify for each subsequent tier, as detailed above.

Can I Combine My Loyalty Points with Other Offers or Discounts?

At this time, loyalty points cannot be stacked with other store discounts. However, there are exclusive double points days, where members get double loyalty points for their purchases. We might even reach out to give you a little treat on your birthday!

How Can I Track My Loyalty Points and Tier Status?

To track your loyalty points and tier status with CanEx, simply create and sign into your CanEx loyalty rewards program account. 

To become a member of the loyalty rewards program, customers must first create an account using their valid personal information.

You may then log in to your account using your username and password. You will automatically be redirected to your account page with your digital wallet, where your points, tier, and other information are displayed.



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