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CanEx weed delivery is a convenient way to achieve your bliss and procure the best cannabis products available online when you live in, or just lucky enough to find yourself in the Santa Monica area. Canex does not charge a delivery fee on any orders and will always promise to provide a seamless and frictionless experience for ordering cannabis online. Life is challenging sometimes; ordering weed or marijuana should not be. Just relax, sit back and let our professional Canex drivers navigate the beautiful Santa Monica roads and receive your delivery in the comfort of your home. Canex drivers will happily bring the weed directly to your door,  safely and discreetly. Canex drivers use state of the art GPS technology that will enable then to easily and safely navigate all of Santa Monica. After indulging in a Canex Delivery many of our clients like to enjoy walking down Santa Monica Boulevard towards the famous Santa Monica Beach. Wonderful beach with surfable waves due north of Venice Beach. You can walk from Santa Monica to Venice pretty easily. Smoking a joint while walking down the beach is a great way to enjoy the day or evening. Make sure to stop by a place called The Pie Hole located on Lincoln Boulevard for dessert. Once the munchies start to set in you could go check out the world-famous Boa Steakhouse on Santa Monica Boulevard and enjoy the impressive decor and incredible menu offerings of this Santa Monica Staple. Most of the employees of Boa are long time Canex customers. You know who you are! Seems like there is always someone famous at Boa Steakhouse. Always amazing to see the fancy cars parked outside of Boa lined up on Ocean Boulevard and 2nd Avenue.  You will always see a lineup of cars like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Bentleys etc. It would be fun to be a valet for a day at this place.   Santa Monica is not big on Dispensaries as they know their residents prefer convenience and want their marijuana delivered. Who wants to go deal with a nasty dirty dispensary anyway. And don’t get us started on the parking. aIt is simple and easy to use the Canex website and delivery typically will arrive in about an hour. Simple, Easy, Convenient. West siders, CanEx is delivering the best marijuana products Santa Monica has to offer. Santa Monica is a great city located on the west side of Los Angeles with amazing restaurants, shopping, and just a perfect beach vibe. Santa Monica is a wonderful energetic place to call home. Full of of great people and unique restaurants and shops. And one of the best things about Santa Monica is that is does not have too much traffic compared to other large cities in LA. Santa Monica has breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains, and it’s no surprise that many of your favorite TV shows were filmed there. Of course, many were filmed on the Pier, but did you know that Threes Company was filmed in Santa Monica? We all know Jack tripper was totally blazing some marijuana back in the day. And probably Mrs. Roper. She seemed like the stay-at-home wife who may like to indulge in cannabis to make the day better. If you have seen Goliath on Netflix with Billy Bob Thornton, you will notice many scenes of the hotel and bar in right in Santa Monica along the Pacific Highway. I am pretty sure CanEx did a few weed deliveries to that hotel where they filmed that show. One of our favorite cities and home to the 4th Street Promenade which is an outdoor Mall with wide sidewalks which are perfect for walking with your family, can accommodate that stroller, and has all the bells and whistles of a indoor mall. After a CanEx weed delivery in Santa Monica there are a few things we suggest. We love the restaurant Elephante. It has incredible views looking towards the Pacific Ocean, right above 2nd street looking towards Pacific Highway.  If you time your delivery correctly you can make it to the restaurant in time to witness a life changing sunset which will appear over the Pacific Ocean as you gander over open air balcony looking to your west. Incredible food with impeccable service, just make sure to reserve days ahead of time as it is busy.  Santa Monica is full of beautiful people and plenty of sand on the beach. What’s that joke? Don’t bring sand to the beach? Whether you’re exploring the pier, never leaving the water, or chilling at home, you can soak up the sun all day long with the comfort of knowing that your weed is on the way. After a long day in the sun enjoy your weed from the comfort of your home without making an inconvenient trip to a Santa Monica dispensary. CanEx makes it all so simple.

Cannabis Delivery You Can Count On

You place the order, we handle the rest. Take advantage of our affordable prices that beat out the overpriced other guys. CanEx is committed to providing a variety of products and inclusive price points for marijuana enthusiasts of all tolerance levels. You can enjoy a full spectrum of products like full flower, tinctures, edibles, and spare accessories you can use in a jiffy. CanEx exclusively stocks and sells the best from California-grown brands, so you can expect top-notch quality from your next Santa Monica weed delivery. Order now and receive your order in no time.

Get Your Weed Quick

Our online Santa Monica dispensary handles all the work while you take advantage of your day on the beachy West side. Use our convenient tracking system to follow your order from the moment it’s processed to the second it’s on the way. Seize the day without getting stuck in traffic. CanEx is a hit amongst locals and visitors alike because of our unmatchable perks for returning customers. Earn up to 10% cashback with our competitive rewards program that’ll keep you coming back for more. Even better, our daily deals are a perfect excuse to treat yourself to the convenience of our online Santa Monica dispensary.

Stay in the know on all things related to the cannabis industry with our blog. Check out topical articles and opinion pieces that shine light on what’s new. We aim to foster a community of weed enthusiasts who can rely on CanEx for the best products and most useful information on cannabis consumption. We want every CanEx experience to be top shelf. Next time you’re thinking of hitting up the recreational dispensary in Santa Monica, opt for our CanEx mobile weed shop. Get your products in a flash while you travel the streets of Santa Monica like a local.


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