Best Silver Lake Bars and Clubs for Stoners

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Silver Lake, an eclectic neighborhood nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, pulses with an unmistakable energy that comes alive as the sun sets. As twilight descends, the vibrant nightlife scene beckons with a kaleidoscope of bars and clubs, each offering a unique experience to suit every reveler’s taste. From chic lounges to high-energy dance floors, Silver Lake’s nightlife landscape boasts an enchanting blend of style, artistry, and community spirit.


In this captivating guide, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rhythm of Silver Lake’s nightlife, exploring the most captivating bars and clubs that make this neighborhood truly come alive after dark. But there’s more to this adventure than just drinks and music; we’ve partnered with CanEx Delivery, a premier Silver Lake weed delivery service, to elevate your nightlife experience to new heights of enjoyment and relaxation. As you journey through the pulsating heart of Silver Lake, discover how CanEx Delivery seamlessly complements the nightlife ambiance, delivering top-quality cannabis products right to your doorstep.


So, get ready to revel in the electric nights of Silver Lake as we take you on a captivating tour of the most happening bars and clubs, each offering a distinct flavor of the neighborhood’s vibrant culture and a delightful fusion of taste and tranquility, courtesy of CanEx Delivery. Whether you’re a seasoned nightlife enthusiast or a curious explorer, the enchanting spirit of Silver Lake awaits you, promising an unforgettable night filled with excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. Let’s dive into the glittering nocturnal world of Silver Lake’s bars and clubs – where every evening is an adventure waiting to unfold.


Thirsty Crow


A Hidden Gem in Silver Lake


Situated in the heart of Silver Lake, Thirsty Crow is an intimate and inviting cocktail bar that captivates with its charming ambiance and rich history. Nestled discreetly on Sunset Boulevard, this neighborhood gem lures in patrons with its unassuming exterior, only to reveal a world of mixology wonders within.


Crafted Cocktails: A Symphony of Flavors


Thirsty Crow stands out for its exceptional craft cocktails, artfully concocted by their skilled bartenders. From classic favorites to innovative creations, each drink at Thirsty Crow tells a tale of flavor exploration. Their menu showcases an impressive array of spirits and liqueurs, promising a journey of taste and delight.


  • Signature Concoctions: One standout on their menu is the “Cawfee Old Fashioned,” a twist on the classic Old Fashioned, infused with cold brew coffee and a touch of maple syrup for a delightful caffeine-infused experience.
  • Seasonal Sensations: Thirsty Crow takes pride in crafting seasonal specialties, embracing the freshest ingredients to offer patrons an ever-changing cocktail adventure.


Atmosphere and Crowd: A Haven for Nightlife Enthusiasts


Step inside Thirsty Crow, and you’ll be transported to a bygone era, with dimly lit vintage décor and a cozy ambiance that fosters intimate conversations. The venue boasts both indoor and outdoor seating, providing options for every preference.


The crowd at Thirsty Crow is as diverse as Silver Lake itself. You’ll find locals mingling with visitors, artists exchanging stories with professionals – a vibrant tapestry of individuals coming together to revel in the night. The atmosphere exudes warmth and camaraderie, making it a must-visit destination for nightlife enthusiasts seeking a memorable experience.


CanEx Delivery: Enhance Your Night Out


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  • Seamless Integration: CanEx Delivery seamlessly complements the ambiance of Thirsty Crow, ensuring a harmonious blend of enjoyment and relaxation for an unforgettable night in Silver Lake.


Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast seeking extraordinary concoctions or a cannabis connoisseur looking to add a touch of relaxation to your night, Thirsty Crow and CanEx Delivery together promise an extraordinary nightlife experience that tantalizes the senses and leaves lasting memories.


The Ruby Fruit


Where Style Meets Diversity


Step into The Ruby Fruit, and you’ll find yourself in an oasis of style and creativity, nestled amidst the vibrant nightlife of Silver Lake. This trendy bar is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, drawing in diverse crowds with its unique ambiance and inventive libations.


Mixology Marvels: Unleashing Creativity


The Ruby Fruit is celebrated for its mixology marvels, where skilled bartenders blend artistry and flavors to create cocktails that dance on the palate. Each drink is a masterpiece, crafted with precision and passion, making The Ruby Fruit a standout destination for those seeking extraordinary libations.


  • Crafted Concoctions: The bar’s menu showcases a range of handcrafted cocktails, each a carefully curated blend of spirits, fresh ingredients, and imaginative twists. From tangy fruit-infused elixirs to smoky, sophisticated sips, The Ruby Fruit offers a world of flavors to explore.
  • Creative Innovations: At The Ruby Fruit, mixology is an art form. The bartenders constantly experiment with new ingredients and techniques, delighting patrons with ever-evolving cocktails that push the boundaries of taste and imagination.


Themed Nights and Unforgettable Events


Beyond its captivating mixology, The Ruby Fruit stands out for its themed nights and lively events that turn an ordinary night into an extraordinary experience. From DJ sets that keep the dance floor alive to themed parties that spark conversations, there’s always something happening at The Ruby Fruit.


  • Ladies’ Night: Celebrating womanhood and empowerment, The Ruby Fruit hosts Ladies’ Night, where female patrons can enjoy exclusive discounts and a night of camaraderie.
  • Karaoke Extravaganza: Unleash your inner superstar at the Karaoke Extravaganza nights, where everyone becomes a performer and the stage becomes a platform for endless fun.


CanEx Delivery: A Flavorful Fusion


As you savor the innovative cocktails at The Ruby Fruit, let CanEx Delivery add an extra layer of enjoyment to your night. Experience the perfect fusion of taste and relaxation with CanEx Delivery’s high-quality cannabis products.


  • Wide Selection of Prerolls: CanEx Delivery offers an extensive range of premium weed prerolls, carefully curated to cater to various preferences and preferences.
  • Elevate Your Experience: Allow CanEx Delivery to elevate your night at The Ruby Fruit, adding a touch of relaxation and tranquility to your experience.
  • Seamless and Discreet: With CanEx Delivery, your chosen cannabis products are just a few clicks away, delivered discreetly to your location, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.


The Ruby Fruit and CanEx Delivery together create an unforgettable fusion of taste and ambiance, offering an extraordinary nightlife experience that tantalizes the senses and leaves you craving more. Whether you’re seeking creative cocktails or a relaxing cannabis companion to your night, The Ruby Fruit and CanEx Delivery cater to every whim and desire, turning your night in Silver Lake into a masterpiece of enjoyment and excitement.


Cha Cha Lounge


Where Vibrancy Meets Relaxation


The Cha Cha Lounge beckons with its vibrant and laid-back setting, weaving a magnetic spell that draws in patrons seeking a unique nightlife experience in Silver Lake. As you step inside, you’ll be embraced by an inviting atmosphere that encourages you to let loose and unwind, immersing yourself in the lively ambiance that defines this beloved spot.


Eclectic Libations: A Flavorful Journey


The Cha Cha Lounge boasts an impressive repertoire of libations, catering to every palate with its extensive selection of beers, cocktails, and eclectic drinks. From the classics to the daring, their menu is a delightful journey of taste and discovery.


  • Craft Beers: For beer enthusiasts, Cha Cha Lounge’s craft beer collection is a paradise, offering a diverse range of local and international brews that cater to both connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.
  • Exquisite Cocktails: The bartenders at Cha Cha Lounge are masters of mixology, crafting cocktails that are as artistic as they are delicious. Whether you prefer something sweet, spicy, or smoky, you’ll find a concoction that perfectly suits your mood.


Live Music and Beyond: Fueling the Night


At Cha Cha Lounge, the night comes alive with the sounds of live music and entertainment that infuse the atmosphere with energy and excitement. From local bands and musicians to DJ sets that keep the dance floor moving, there’s always something happening at Cha Cha Lounge.


  • Live Music Extravaganza: Groove to the beats of talented local musicians and bands that grace the stage, creating an unforgettable experience that connects the crowd and the artists.
  • Dance Floor Delights: The spirited DJ sets keep the dance floor alive, making Cha Cha Lounge a go-to destination for those looking to dance the night away.


CanEx Delivery: Groove and Unwind


As you immerse yourself in the lively ambiance at Cha Cha Lounge, CanEx Delivery is your companion for the night, adding a touch of relaxation and tranquility to your experience.


  • Wide Selection of Weed Concentrates: CanEx Delivery offers an array of premium weed concentrates, carefully curated to complement your night at Cha Cha Lounge.
  • Let Loose and Unwind: Find the perfect harmony between live music, spirited drinks, and CanEx Delivery’s cannabis products for a memorable and enriching experience.
  • Seamless and Enjoyable: With CanEx Delivery, you can groove to the music, sip on your favorite drinks, and unwind with premium vape carts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable night at Cha Cha Lounge.


Cha Cha Lounge and CanEx Delivery together promise an unforgettable nightlife experience that is both invigorating and relaxing. Whether you’re dancing to the rhythm of live music or basking in the laid-back vibes, the dynamic duo of Cha Cha Lounge and CanEx Delivery elevates your night in Silver Lake to new heights of enjoyment and fulfillment.


Bootie Mashup: LA


people dancing at a nightclub


Where Music and Dance Unite


Bootie Mashup: LA stands tall as a premier club for dance and music lovers, igniting the nightlife of Silver Lake with an electrifying blend of beats and creativity. This dynamic club is a haven for those seeking an energetic and unforgettable experience on the dance floor.


Themed Dance Nights and Mashup DJs: A Musical Adventure


At Bootie Mashup: LA, every night is a celebration of music, dance, and exhilaration. Themed dance nights add a splash of excitement to the club’s calendar, offering a fresh and immersive experience for each visit.


  • Tribute Nights: Pay homage to your favorite artists as Bootie Mashup: LA hosts tribute nights, where DJs spin the best tracks from iconic musicians, creating an electrifying atmosphere that connects music enthusiasts of all generations.
  • Mashup Magic: The club’s Mashup DJs are masters of their craft, skillfully blending and mixing different songs and genres, creating a unique and high-energy experience that keeps the crowd dancing all night.


A Diverse and Welcoming Crowd


Bootie Mashup: LA welcomes a diverse and inclusive crowd, creating a lively and vibrant ambiance that embraces everyone with open arms. From music aficionados to dancing enthusiasts, the club’s spirit of acceptance fosters a sense of community and connection.


  • A Melting Pot of Culture: The diverse crowd at Bootie Mashup: LA reflects Silver Lake’s eclectic and progressive spirit, bringing together people from all walks of life to unite in the love of music and dance.
  • A Welcoming Space: With its inclusive atmosphere, Bootie Mashup: LA encourages patrons to let loose and express themselves, creating an environment where everyone feels at home and accepted.


CanEx Delivery: Dance and Chill


As you dance the night away at Bootie Mashup: LA, CanEx Delivery is your companion for relaxation and enjoyment. Experience the best of both worlds as you dance to the beats and unwind with premium cannabis strains.


  • Sativa Products: CanEx Delivery offers a wide selection of sativa strains, ensuring you find the perfect fit to complement your night of dancing.
  • Seamless Integration: Dance to the energetic beats, and when you need a moment of tranquility, CanEx Delivery is just a click away, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.
  • Relax and Recharge: Dance to your heart’s content, knowing that CanEx Delivery’s cannabis products are there to help you recharge and find your inner peace after an exhilarating night.


Bootie Mashup: LA and CanEx Delivery together promise a thrilling nightlife experience, where music, dance, and cannabis intertwine to create a night you’ll cherish forever. Whether you’re moving to the rhythm or seeking a moment of relaxation, the dynamic duo of Bootie Mashup: LA and CanEx Delivery ensures your night in Silver Lake is an unforgettable and euphoric journey of music and bliss.


4100 Bar


A Cozy and Intimate Hideaway


Nestled in the heart of Silver Lake, 4100 Bar stands as a hidden gem, cherished for its warm and intimate setting that makes it a favorite among locals seeking solace from the bustling city. Step inside, and you’ll find yourself in a cozy haven, an ideal spot to unwind and immerse yourself in the night’s magic.


Craft Beers and Distinct Flavors


For connoisseurs of craft beers and specialty cocktails, 4100 Bar is a treasure trove of distinct flavors. Their carefully curated menu showcases a range of craft beers from local breweries, each pour an exploration of taste and craftsmanship.


  • Exquisite Craft Beers: Whether you’re a hophead or a fan of complex stouts, 4100 Bar offers a selection of craft beers that cater to every beer lover’s palate.
  • Inventive Cocktails: In addition to their craft beers, the bar’s specialty cocktails captivate with inventive combinations, offering patrons a journey of flavors that delight and surprise.


Themed Events and Trivia Nights


Beyond its exceptional libations, 4100 Bar is renowned for its themed events and trivia nights, adding an extra layer of charm to its nightlife atmosphere. These events create a lively and interactive environment that brings patrons together for unforgettable experiences.


  • Trivia Fun: Test your knowledge and join in the excitement of trivia nights, where teams compete for bragging rights and laughter fills the cozy space.
  • Themed Extravaganzas: From themed costume parties to holiday celebrations, 4100 Bar ensures that each night holds something special for its cherished patrons.


CanEx Delivery: Cozy Up with Weed


As you embrace the cozy ambiance of 4100 Bar, let CanEx Delivery elevate your night with premium weed products. Find comfort and relaxation in the intimate setting while enjoying your favorite drinks.


  • Curated Weed Selection: CanEx Delivery offers a curated selection of premium weed strains, edibles, and thc concentrates to complement your cozy night at 4100 Bar.
  • Unwind and Indulge: Whether you prefer to relax with friends or savor a moment of tranquility, CanEx Delivery’s cannabis products enhance the warmth and comfort of 4100 Bar.
  • Discreet and Convenient: With CanEx Delivery, you can enjoy your favorite weed products discreetly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the night.


4100 Bar and CanEx Delivery together create a night of comfort and enjoyment, where the intimate setting and premium weed products blend to provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re exploring unique flavors or seeking a moment of relaxation, the harmonious pairing of 4100 Bar and CanEx Delivery ensures your night in Silver Lake is an enriching and cherished memory.




As the night comes alive in Silver Lake, the neighborhood’s eclectic and vibrant nightlife scene beckons, offering a tapestry of experiences that cater to every reveler’s taste. From the cozy and intimate hideaways like 4100 Bar to the high-energy dance floors of Bootie Mashup: LA, each nightlife spot we’ve explored is a testament to Silver Lake’s creative and progressive spirit.


Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur seeking mixology marvels, a music enthusiast grooving to the beats, or simply looking to unwind and savor the night, Silver Lake’s bars and clubs offer something special for everyone. The themed nights, live music, and inclusive atmospheres create a sense of community that makes every visit feel like a gathering among friends.


Amidst the lively ambiance and vibrant beats, CanEx Delivery shines as the perfect companion, elevating your nightlife experience with premium weed products delivered discreetly to your doorstep. With a curated selection of strains and cannabis-infused delights, CanEx Delivery seamlessly integrates into the night, enhancing the enjoyment and relaxation for an unforgettable experience.


So, whether you’re dancing the night away at Bootie Mashup: LA, sipping on creative cocktails at The Ruby Fruit, or finding solace in the cozy corners of 4100 Bar, CanEx Delivery is there to complement your night with the perfect blend of taste and tranquility.


Silver Lake’s nightlife scene is a celebration of diversity, creativity, and connection – a captivating fusion of flavors, music, and camaraderie. As you venture into the heart of Silver Lake’s after-hours enchantment, we hope this guide and the presence of CanEx Delivery will elevate your nights with joy, relaxation, and cherished memories.


So, go ahead, immerse yourself in the electric nights of Silver Lake, dance to the rhythm of live music, and experience the perfect harmony of flavors and relaxation with CanEx Delivery by your side. Let every night be an adventure waiting to unfold, as Silver Lake’s nightlife embraces you with its open arms and invites you to savor the magic of the nocturnal world.


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