Hush - 1g Orange Cream Cookies Infused Pre-Roll (Hush)
1g Orange Cream Cookies Infused Pre-Roll (Hush)
THC: 36.8%
Hush’s custom Saucy Js are nug-ground, live resin infused pre-rolls that pack a juicy, flavor-filled punch. Spark an infused pre-roll that takes you where you want to go without the hype tax. Our Saucy Js are made from quality nug-ground cannabis, no trim, no shake, no bullshit. Designed, packed, and infused to hit right, at the right price. To amp up the flavor and potency Saucy Js are infused with Hush Live Resin for a terpy flavor-blast from tip to crutch.
1 gram
Price per unit

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